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Why summer is the best time to find your donor!

Posted on: 1 June, 2015

Everyone has summer on their mind now that the calendar reads JUNE….and maybe your search for a great donor match is taking a back seat to other summer activities like vacation and sleeping!

But, summer is a great time to find that one fabulous donor to start or complete your family. In the summer we are recruiting college students and recent college grads much more than any other time of the year.

With offices in Phoenix, Arizona we are able to capture students at Arizona State University in Tempe as well as students in Scottsdale and Tucson at University of Arizona.

The Dallas area is also a big one for donor recruitment in the summer with young women heading home to Plano, Texas and McKinney, Texas as well as Fort Worth, Texas and all the other Dallas suburbs where University of Texas at Arlington is located or Southern Methodist University offers a great summer campus experience.

Summer is also a great time to do a cycle as the pace is slower and you may get that added attention from your donor coordinator and physician.

You can learn more about The Donor Solution and all that we have to offer not only in the summer but year round by contacting us at 713-827-0301.

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