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Screening Process to Become an Egg Donor

Posted on: 14 December, 2017

Become an Egg Donor

The idea of starting a family and becoming a mother is something that many women dream of. However, fertility issues can make this an impossible feat. Yet, with the help of egg donors, infertile women can experience the gift and miracle of becoming a mother.

Are you interested in learning about the egg donor application process? Want to help another woman experience the gift of life? Keep reading to learn about the egg donor screening process.

Egg Donor Screening

The first step in becoming an Egg Donor with The Donor Solution is to fill out a preliminary application.  This will determine if you initially have the right criteria for egg donation. In general egg donors are between 21 and 29 years old, with height and weight within normal ranges.  No smoking or illegal drug use is allowed and donors need to have a minimum of one year of verifiable post high school education which can be at the University level, community college or trade school.  A healthy family history is also highly desirable.

A secondary application to become an Egg Donor has longer and more in-depth questions about your family, your health history, your social history and an essay portion.  Along with 5-10 recent photos and a few childhood photos, you submit your application on line through our dedicated portal.

You will be contacted by our office to schedule with an in-person interview or a SKYPE call.  During the interview we will discuss the requirements in time and travel to do a donation cycle as well as discuss what happens during the actual IVF cycle that precedes the retrieval of your eggs.  In addition, we will need a copy of your driver’s license, and a copy of your college diploma or most recent grade report and student ID for your file.

Once a background check has been performed and you have signed our Agency Agreement, you will be placed on our database of egg donors to be selected by potential Intended Parents.

Fertility Screening

After you have been selected and are ready to begin the donation process you will have a health screening at the Intended Parents IVF clinic.  Usually you will have a “Well-Woman exam” and a pelvic ultrasound to assess your ovaries as well as blood work for infectious disease and fertility potential.

Medical Screening

This screening involves a thorough examination of your medical history and state. It’s important to have a big picture understanding of your health to ensure that you’re suitable to become an egg donor and a match for the parents. Testing may include:

  • Complete Blood Count
  • Drug and Nicotine Screening
  • Infectious diseases screening (HIV, HepB, HepC, Chlamydia etc.)
  • Thyroid Function and Blood Type

Along with a basic medical screening, you’ll also undergo genetic screening and a genetic consult to determine not only your own genetic profile but if the Intended Parents might have genetic carrier status that could affect a child.

Psychological Screening

how to become an egg donor

Before donating, you will need to meet with a psychologist. You will discuss the benefits of egg donation as well as the risks. This visit is for your benefit as we want to make sure you are psychologically able to understand the risks and benefits of egg donation as well as determine your motivations and needs as an Egg donor and ensure you understand the long term consequences

Become an Egg Donor – Give the Gift of Life

Want to learn how to become an egg donor? Interested in submitting an egg donor application?  If so, contact The Donor Solution. We can answer any questions you may have about egg donation. For selected applications, we will work with you throughout the egg donation process, from initial screening to egg retrieval.

Contact our team at (713) 827-0301. We look forward to working with you!

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