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Preparing for Egg Donation: Lifestyle Changes You May Need to Make

Posted on: 2 March, 2018

There are specific requirements to become an egg donor you should review ahead of time to determine whether you would be an ideal candidate. Part of these requirements can require certain lifestyle changes. To help you decide if becoming an egg donor is right for you, we invite you to read and review the following information.

Preparing for Egg Donation

  1. Stop using or do not use tobacco products. If you currently smoke or use tobacco products, you will need to give up this habit. You may need to wait a short period of time before you will be accepted as a donor. Donor candidates are tested for exposure to cigarettes.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet and eating habits. Proper nutrition is a vital part of being an egg donor. Optimal health means being the most prepared to have a great egg donor cycle for the intended family. A healthy diet consists of eating balanced meals along with a few healthy snacks.
  3. Stick to a regular fitness plan. Egg donors need to be physically fit. This does not mean you have to be lean with no body fat. Rather, it means you should be getting some form of intense exercise, for at least thirty minutes, three to four times a week.
  4. Prepare yourself mentally. Being an egg donor requires dedication and commitment. If you are able to follow through and achieve short-term goals like completing your classes with good grades, then you may be a great donor candidate.
  5. Maintain your health and wellness. You want to avoid getting sick and make sure all immunizations are current.
  6. Have a willingness to help others in need. Egg donors should feel compassion and take pleasure in being able to help intended families to have a baby. If you take joy in making others happy through your actions, then you might be the ideal egg donor.
  7. Be willing to participate in the necessary treatments. Part of being a donor requires regular appointments, administering medications, blood draws, and so on. In some cases, you may be required to self-administer medications yourself.

Preparation Egg Donor

  1. Have flexibility in your schedule. The entire donor process can take between two and three months. During this time, you will need to be able to attend appointments, as well as go through the egg retrieval process.
  2. Be disease- and drug-free. You should not be on any long-term medications, use illegal drugs, or drink alcohol, except socially. In addition, your family history should not include certain diseases like diabetes, cancer, and genetic disorders.
  3. You are the right age. There are specific age limits for egg donor programs. Most agencies want young women between the ages of 21 and 29. This age range is considered to be when they have optimal reproductive health.

As you can see, becoming an egg donor does require making sure you are both physically and mentally prepared. For further information on how to become an egg donor, please feel free to contact The Donor Solution at (713) 827-0301 today!

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