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Egg Donor Application

Congratulations on deciding to become an egg donor with The Donor Solution! Your selfless gift will allow a couple in need to raise and love a child of their own. If you’re ready to get started, please fill out our preliminary egg donor application so that we can determine whether you are eligible to become a member of our exceptional donor catalog.

Before you fill out an egg donation application, you may want to review our basic requirements:

  • Age 20-28
  • Minimum one year of secondary education
  • No smoking or drugs
  • Minimal drinking (socially only)
  • Healthy height and weight ratio
  • Good physical and psychological health
  • Two ovaries
  • No hormonal IUDs/implant contraceptives (non-hormonal IUDs are acceptable)
  • Good family medical history
  • No prescription psychoactive drugs
  • Flexible schedule (able to take time off)

If you meet these requirements and your initial egg donor application form is approved, our friendly staff will reach out to you via email to complete a full secondary egg donor application. Regardless of whether you are selected to be a donor, we deeply appreciate your interest!


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