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Egg Donation Compensation

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How Much Can You Sell Your Eggs For?

Through the act of providing her genetic material, an egg donor can make it possible for some to achieve their dream of becoming parents. To thank donors for their contributions and compensate them for various expenses, agencies provide donors with egg donation pay.

Compensation Details and Schedule

Although the amount of compensation and the payment schedule can vary somewhat by agency, the next few sections cover trends in the industry, as well as examples of compensation and timing from The Donor Solution.

Egg Donor Compensation

On average, women are compensated around $5,500 and up for their donations. The actual amount an individual donor will receive may depend upon a variety of factors, such as the following┬╣:

  • Age
  • Physical/mental health and medical history
  • Ethnic background
  • Location
  • Travel requirements
  • Number of donation cycles

Some people have the impression that a woman who chooses to donate eggs for money can make $100,000 or more. In reality, compensation for egg donors very rarely exceeds $10,000, even in areas where starting compensation is higher.

Inaccurate assumptions include the myth that women with a higher amount of education will receive higher compensation. All of our egg donors are compensated in the same way; a woman’s degree level will never have an impact on her pay.

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Expenses Paid by Intended Parents Directly to You

Certain other expenses will be paid directly to you (or to a non-agency professional working on your behalfs, such as a doctor or attorney). The following are examples of such expenses:

  • Additional medical costs (not related to initial screening)
    – Genetic testing, medications, health monitoring
    – Genetic counseling (as needed)
  • Fees for review of donor agreement by an independent attorney
  • Any additional agreed-upon support

When Will I Receive Payment?

The timing of payment may also vary by agency, but typically you will receive your compensation after the egg retrieval procedure. Any other agreement for financial compensation that you have with the intended parents will be paid based on the terms of that agreement, not on the agency’s schedule.

Compensation May Vary from State to State

As mentioned earlier, geographic location does have some effect on compensation. The more egg donation agencies in an area, the more the competition drives up compensation. This is seen mostly in coastal regions like California and the Northeast. Starting compensation for egg donors in these areas can be as high as $6,000-$7,000 (as compared to $3,000 in Midwestern states).

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