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Shared Cycle Program

The Shared Cycle program can be utilized at participating clinics. Please contact us to inquire about shared donors and frozen egg cycles. Two couples share the oocytes from one donor at one clinic with each recipient parent able to utilize half the oocytes of the donor.

Basic Cycle Fees — Screening, Coordination and Donor Compensation

Psychological Evaluation with PhD Level Psychologist $200
Agency Fee $3,000
Donor Legal Agreement Included
Donor Cycle Insurance (unless purchased by the clinic) Included
Donor Compensation (split) $2,500 – $4,000

Optional/Additional Cycle Fees

Out of State/County Coordination Fee $350
Directed Agreement between Donor and Intended Parents (if desired) $50

Deposit of $1,000 to begin donor screening process.

Balance of fees due 7 days before start of cycle.

Shared Cycle Program PDF

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