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Choosing Between Fresh & Frozen Donor Eggs

Posted on: 26 July, 2018


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Couples who consider egg donation and surrogacy have two main options—fresh donor eggs or frozen donor eggs. Frozen eggs have a lower live-birth success rate (36.5% compared to 50% or higher using fresh eggs), and agencies offering the opportunities to use fresh donor eggs can promise other benefits as well.

Agencies that provide eggs fresh from a donor often have larger, more diverse donor selection pools. They also support various donor-recipient relationships to meet various clients’ needs.

There are cost and legal considerations but building a family can be more practical when fresh eggs are used. Excess eggs or embryos can even be frozen for future use.

What Is the Right Choice for You?

If you only plan on raising one child and have cost restraints, you may want to consider using frozen eggs. Fresh eggs are recommended for people who want multiple children, to continue expanding their family, or desire a higher chance of pregnancy. They also enable same-sex couples to have a genetic link with their offspring.

The Donor Solution Is Here to Help

Our egg donor program has an 82% success rate across many different IVF clinics throughout the USA.  We work on carefully selecting and matching donors and recipients, and we help intended parents every step of the way. Read further to learn about the differences between using fresh or frozen donor eggs or contact us for additional information and assistance.

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