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We know that it hasn’t been easy for you. If you’re considering a donor egg cycle, then you’ve probably received more than enough disappointing news. And it doesn’t get any easier. You want a baby. You have almost everything you need – a good home, a loving heart. You just need that one last piece of the puzzle before the picture will be complete.  We believe that we’re the best out there. We have a strong relationship with all of our donors and strive to meet everyone’s needs whether large or small.

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Laughing graduateThe Donor Solution offers a unique approach in locating our exceptional donors.  We believe that every single donor should have a personal interview for her to better understand the complex donation process, to have the medical procedures thoroughly explained by a medical professional and gauge the maturity level of each and every donor.  We also like to get to know our donors, as we travel this journey with them, every step of the way.  When you select one of our exceptional donors, you know that they are part of  your team.  A team dedicated to helping you find the solution to building your family.