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Why we interview every donor!

Posted on: 27 April, 2014

I just came from a conference in Southern California on the ethics of Egg Donation and Surrogacy. Lots of great info and wonderful people but the number one issue that I was perplexed by was many of the largest agencies in the US, had never met any of their egg donors unless they lived in the actual city where they had an office. I couldn’t believe it. While I was in SoCal, I interviewed three recent applicants to our pool. One of them told me during our in-person interview that she had applied to several agencies in Southern California with local offices but I was the only person who had called her and asked her to meet in person. For her, that sealed the deal. She felt so much more confident in her decision to assist another family through egg donation because I took the time to meet her, learn about her life and hopes for her future and explain in detail the entire egg donation process with its risks and benefits. I believe meeting every person in your pool either in person or via a SKYPE call really help make the entire donation process go smoother with less heartache for all. You wouldn’t hire an employee without a face to face meeting, or accept a new position, so why wouldn’t you want to make sure you had meet the people who were representing you?

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