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The tale of the living sperm donor!

Posted on: 28 February, 2009

I have noticed a very recent phenomenom in my world of gamete donors.  Now I only recruit oocyte donor, but over the past three months I have experienced something that I have seen maybe twice in my 11 year career in egg donation.

I am receiving 5+ calls per day of men and their wives/girlfriends wanting info on becoming a sperm donor!  At first, I thought it was weird, but I have noticed that the calls have started to accelerate to a pace of 5+ a day on weekdays and maybe 10+ over the weekends.  Each time one of the men calls  I have to tell them that we “don’t do sperm donation”!  They are pretty shocked and even more shocked when I tell them the nearest sperm donation facility is in Austin, Texas, 143 miles away.

Well, today, a young man walked into my office about 1pm.  Asked if this was the place to donate, and asked where the collection room was located and how much I would pay after his donation.  He even had reading material with him.

After I picked my jaw off the ground, I told him that we did not do sperm donation and told him where to find the nearest facility but he should call first.  When I asked him how he found my office, since I do only egg donors he replied, “I looked you up on the internet, and decided it was a good way to make $100, and I need to the money”.

I don’t think we would be seeing this if the economy was not in the tank!

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