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It’s our Anniversary and We want to share it with you!

Posted on: 11 September, 2017


red heart on wood tableTen years ago, on August 15, 2007, I made a pretty life changing decision and decide to “push” the button telling my new web guy to go ahead an post my fledgling company, a new way for Egg Donation,  on the Internet and The Donor Solution was born.  I was ready to take the years of healthcare experience, the nursing knowledge, the management expertise and just some good old fashioned “chutzpah” and change the face of egg donation agencies in my neck of the woods. I wanted to bring a better experience to those struggling with not only infertility but the loss of their genetic contribution to their future family. I wanted to make sure that the egg donors were informed of the medical risks, had proper psychological and legal counsel and that they totally understand what they were embarking upon. AND, I wanted the infertility clinics that I knew so well to believe in what I was doing.

I can say, ten years later, that I have delivered on all those promises. Not just to myself, but to our Intended Parents, our wonderful egg donors and all our friends in the Infertility world. It was hard going, it was really tough during the recession when it was hard to make sure that the donors were donating for the “right” reasons and not because their back was against the wall, we had to tough it out when the phone didn’t ring for days and days, and we toughed it out when our partners in infertility, the IVF clinics, moved on to egg banking and in-house donor pools without seeing the contribution we had made.

But, ten years later and over 800 babies (many who are now in the 5th grade!) it is all worth it. The joy and honor of being part of how you created your beloved family is what sustains me and my whole team.

We hope if you are still searching for your extraordinary egg donor you will let us help you with this life changing decision!  With 10 years of experience at The Donor Solution, we are here for you.

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