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Twins, Amal Clooney and Beyonce!

Posted on: 10 February, 2017

twin babies laying next to each otherBy now everyone on planet Earth knows that the New England Patriots stunned the Atlanta Falcolns in Super Bowl 51!!!  AND by now, along with that news, everyone knows that Mrs. Clooney and Mrs. Carter are expecting twins sometime this Spring/Summer.  This exciting news meant that everyone (and we mean everyone) had to weigh in on this news in 140 characters or less.

Fortunately, those with cooler heads over at The Donor Solution, decided to delve into this conundrum and see if perhaps they just had actual old fashioned sex and its’ no ones business but their own OR did they avail themselves of a little bit of assistance!  And this is what we found out—-its actually no ones business but Amal and Beyonce and George and Jay-Z,  how they achieved these happy results.

If its her egg, a donor egg, IVF or IUI, FET or PGD PGS sometime in 2017 they will hopefully welcome healthy and perfect little babies that will always be all their own.  And that’s what so special about motherhood (and parenthood in general).

No matter how you arrived at this special place called “Motherhood” (and parenthood!) those babies who turn into children and adolescents and teenagers and 20-somethings and they will always be your baby, no matter how one arrived at the destination.

We wish them all smooth sailing as twin pregnancies can be rough and unpredictable  and hope that they both enjoy every second of motherhood the first and second  time around!   Over here at The Donor Solution, we will be rooting for you.

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