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What I want every women to know about Egg Donation

What I Want Every Woman to Know About Egg Donation In the almost two decades I have worked in the infertility field, I have counseled more hundreds (or is it thousands?) of prospective moms considering egg donation. Egg donation is a huge step for them. Many are professional women who always have been able to… Read more

“A Family of My Own” Infertility and Adoption Seminar coming November 3rd

The Donor Solution is proud to be a sponsor of “A Family of My Own” Infertility and Adoption Seminar on Saturday November 3 at Renaissance Houston Greenway Plaza Hotel, located at #6 Greenway Plaza East, Houston, TX 77046. The conference begins at 8am with registration and ends at 1pm. Mary Fusillo, RN, BSN, MS, Owner… Read more

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