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“Precision Donor” has arrived at The Donor Solution

Posted on: 10 May, 2013

I am so excited to announce that we have partnered with Precision Donor in order to bring our potential recipients another tool for locating the best possible donor match.

Precision Donor uses cutting edge 3-D Facial Recognition Software to help you find the donor who really looks the most like you.

The software constructs a virtual topographical map of your features, it allows the most definite mathematical and statistical comparison of you and all our registered donors.  It uses the only software accurate enough to be used by several government agencies, including the US Department of State and the Office of Homeland Security.
Simply ask us for a password to Precision Donor.  Pay your $200 access fee for 45 days of system use and you will be on your way.  The Precision Donor system will ask you to upload your own photo and then will present you with donors that are a close match to your topographical features.   You can then use that list on The Donor Solutions database to look at photos, browse profiles and choose amongst several donors.   The $200 is deducted from the agency fee if  a donor is selected within 45 days.
Having met the staff and developers of  Precision Donor at the Pacific Coast  Reproductive Society meeting in Palm Springs in April, I was impressed with the idea.  So many potential recipients are trying to match facial features and also personality traits, and now they will actually be able to do this scientifically!

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