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Egg Donor Screenings

At The Donor Solution, we carefully screen each and every egg donor before they are added to our database.  The application and screening process are extensive, and require detailed information about medical history, drug use, blood type, personality characteristics, and psychological evaluations. We only select the best candidates to be added to our egg donor database.

  • Wide variety of backgrounds and characteristics
  • Well screened donors have carefully considered their decision to donate
  • Donors must meet specific age (20-28), weight, lifestyle, education, and schedule requirements
  • We personally interview donors prior to including them in our donor pool
  • Donors are counseled on the process, obligations and risks involved in donation
  • Donors are prescreened for AMH levels
  • Donors informed of the confidential nature of the arrangement with the recipient(s)
  • Donors are encouraged to voice any concerns they have before they proceed

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We work to provide our clients with unparalleled egg donation services.  To find out more information about The Donor Solution difference, please contact our team today.  We will gladly answer all of your questions about the egg donation process, and help you learn more about what you can expect from potential egg donors. Egg donation has helped countless couples and individuals become parents.  Learn how your dreams of parenthood can become reality by contacting us today at 713-827-0301.

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