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Choosing an Egg Donor

Selecting an Egg Donor

When choosing an egg donor, there are multiple factors to take into consideration.  At The Donor Solution, we help guide you through all of your options so that you can make the most informed decision, and find the egg donor that is ideal for you.

Some of the most important factors that many intended parents take into consideration include:

  • Physical Appearance — for many individuals, physical appearance plays a large role in the selection of an egg donor.  At The Donor Solution, we have photos of the egg donors from childhood through current adulthood to help you identify the key characteristics that are important to you.
  • Medical History — when reviewing donor profiles it is crucial to evaluate their medical history carefully. Medical history can be especially important when considering specific genetic diseases. Some egg donors may be more compatible than others in terms of genetic predispositions. Intended parents also need to consider how the donor’s medical history combines with your family’s history.
  • Blood Type — matching your blood type with the donor blood type can be an advantage as it allows you to donate blood later in life if necessary.
  • Location — the location of an egg donor can also be an important aspect for consideration.  Some intended parents prefer that the donor is closer in the vicinity to making cycling and other appointments less cumbersome with travel.
  • The personality of Egg Donor —  egg donors each creates a profile that allows you to learn more about each donor.  You can learn information about a college major, athletics, artistic qualities, and much more.
  • Managing the Egg Donor Process — Emotions can run high during this process and that is completely understandable. Struggling with infertility is a challenging experience and the donor selection process can be stressful. At The Donor Solution, our team is highly trained, compassionate and here to help you through the process. We’re here to help!

To find out more information about choosing an egg donor, then please contact The Donor Solution.  We will answer all of your questions about the process and offer additional guidelines for choosing your own egg donor.  Contact our team today to find out more about the entire egg donation process and how it can help to bring a child into your life.

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