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Happy Anniversary to us!

Posted on: 15 August, 2019

It’s hard to believe that it’s been TWELVE YEARS since The Donor Solution opened its doors and began recruiting exceptional egg donors to bring the dream of parenthood to life for over 900 Intended Parents.

When I started The Donor Solution, way back in 2007, it was a big gamble to start an agency based on the premise that Intended Parents had a choice in creating their family if that involved using an egg donor.  I wanted to make the entire process as transparent and as stress-free as possible, which included having a LOT of info each donor, obtaining background checks, transcripts and personal interviews.  It also meant that along the way I made some incredible friends who also happened to be life changers for lots of lucky people.

And, now, here we are in 2019, and we have been a part of almost one thousand happy endings.  As the years have gone by, I  have learned more and adapted to the changing landscape of egg donation, LGBTQ families/singles, open donation, identity release and frozen eggs. Yet through it all I have never wavered in my commitment to make the entire process safe and rewarding for the egg donors and manageable and supported for Intended Parents. 

Thank you to all 1000’s of egg donors who have been a part of The Donor Solution and all the Intended Parents who have made this journey so worthwhile and humbling and to all those precious babies (and those about to become teenagers!), thank you for making it a journey of love and joy.



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