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GenePeeks helps predict genetic disease risk in future children. AMAZING!

Posted on: 15 March, 2017


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What if you could look into a crystal ball and predict the future. Seems unlikely, right?

Though you may not be able to predict your own future, you now have the ability to access testing that can help predict the disease risk for any future children you have through egg donation. It sounds amazing, which it is.

The Donor Solutions has recently partnered with the medical innovation company GenePeeks to provide our clients with the latest in preconception care through a technology that predicts disease risk.

Virtual Progeny Analysis (VPA), GenePeeks’ analysis tool, combines DNA information from two prospective gene pools (egg donor/father or eggdonor/sperm donor) to identify a future child’s risk of inheriting one or more of 1000+ serious genetic diseases.  The Donor Solutions already has tested 50 of our top donors. Their results (and those of the donors of your choice) would be computed with those from the prospective father or sperm donor.  Learn more at their website, https://www.genepeeks.com/

The GenePeeks system can identify the 5-8% of egg donor/prospective father combinations with a joint risk of passing on genetic disease to your future child. GenePeeks can help future parents better understand the true reproductive risk with an egg donor.

In doing so, it can help you look into the crystal ball and envision a healthier future for your child. Did I mention how amazing that is?

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