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Egg Donor Requirements

Requirements for Potential Egg Donors

At The Donor Solution, we work with egg donors to provide the most comprehensive and stress-free egg donation process anywhere.  We work with our potential egg donors from the very start to identify if they will be a good fit for our egg donation program.  Our egg donor requirements below allow you to identify the criteria we are seeking for our donors and allow you to make the choice to move forward with the preliminary application. Some of our requirements include:

  • Between the ages of 20 – 28
  • Desire to help someone create a family
  • Minimum of one year of verifiable secondary education, university, college or community college.  We prefer college students at the Junior level and above or college graduates, graduate students.
  • Non-smoker, social drinker only, no illegal drugs
  • Height and weight proportional
  • Psychologically and physically healthy with a healthy family history
  • No current or previous substance abuse
  • Have both ovaries
  • No contraceptive implants or hormonal IUD’s
  • No family history of genetic disorders that can be inherited such as Cystic Fibrosis
  • No use of psychoactive drugs such as those used in depression or ADD/ADHD
  • Able to take the necessary time off from work and school to attend monitoring appointments, informational sessions and the actual egg retrieval.  This process takes about 6-10 weeks and involves about 6-8 clinic visits spread out over that time frame.

To find out more information about egg donation, and to learn if you qualify as an egg donor, please contact The Donor Solution.  You may fill out our preliminary on-line application, and we will review it and if you qualify for our program we will then email you a link to the full application.

Online Application

You may learn more about the process of egg donation, the risks and benefits by checking out the FAQ section of our website.  We are always happy to discuss any aspect of Egg Donation with you either in person or on the phone or via email at info@thedonorsolution.com

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