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Donor Moms Meeting Set

The next Donor Mom’s meeting is set for Monday, March 23rd from 7pm to 9pm at the office of The Donor Solution. The meeting is open to anyone considering donor egg, donor sperm or surrogacy as a family building option. Since it’s founding in 1999, more than 600 women and their partners have taken advantage… Read more

The tale of the living sperm donor!

I have noticed a very recent phenomenom in my world of gamete donors.  Now I only recruit oocyte donor, but over the past three months I have experienced something that I have seen maybe twice in my 11 year career in egg donation. I am receiving 5+ calls per day of men and their wives/girlfriends… Read more

The Donor Solution on MSNBC

I was thrilled to be chosen as a reference for a recent article on MSNBC about how American are doing some interesting things to deal with tough financial times.  Short on cash, some Americans are putting a price on themselves and their parts. The interview was short and interesting and was thrilled that they would choose… Read more

Installment Loans Credit-encounter The monetary Crisis readily

Learn to report these set phone calls and if you do not consider it works really nicely then use the search term “guy wins 1.5 million in debt collector litigation” to see some of the chances. Answering loan approvals easily group notices just takes a couple of minutes and a few dollars to send your… Read more

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