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Egg Donation in New Jersey

Guiding New Jersey residents through the egg donation process every step of the way.

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The Donor Solution’s New Jersey egg donation program offers a rewarding experience for egg donors and the life-changing gift of fertility to New Jersey couples and individuals who have been challenged to conceive. Advanced technology solutions bring this gift to life through the fertility services we provide.

By connecting qualified egg donors from Jersey City, Paterson, and Newark with nurturing intended parents in Elizabeth, Atlantic City, and Trenton, we make miracles happen every day.

How does this scientific process make dreams a reality?


Serving the Unique Needs of Intended Parents

Fertility challenges arise for many New Jersey couples, but each situation is a unique opportunity for guided intervention. The egg donor program for intended parents provides support at every juncture, as well as expert guidance, advanced technology, and proven results.


Start by Choosing an Egg Donor

Review our database of pre-qualified egg donors, including photos, medical histories, interview impressions, and all the information you need to find an egg donor in New Jersey. A comprehensive screening process that includes medical and psychological screening, as well as a background check, will enable you to choose with complete confidence.


The Intended Parent Process

  • A time is scheduled for a consultation and your donor selection, whether in person, by phone, or via SKYPE.
  • The egg donor and intended mother or gestational carrier will synchronize their cycles.
  • The donated eggs will be retrieved in a simple medical procedure, and sperm will be collected from the intended father or sperm donor.
  • The eggs will be fertilized under ideal laboratory conditions, and the resulting embryos will be selected for implantation.
  • Two weeks after implantation, a pregnancy test will confirm success, or another implantation can be planned using the same donated eggs.


What Is the Cost of Egg Donation for Intended Parents?

Prices for intended parents will vary, depending on which services will be needed and other options. Typical costs range from around $9,140 up to $15,000. Taking advantage of the egg donation solution may be an affordable way to achieve parenthood for New Jersey couples and individuals struggling with infertility.


A Fulfilling Egg Donor Experience

Choosing to become an egg donor in New Jersey will be a rewarding and empowering experience. Understanding the requirements and process of becoming an egg donor will help you decide if this is the right choice for you.


Meeting the Egg Donor Requirements

The application and screening process will make the final determination, but good candidates for egg donation:

  • Are between ages 20-28
  • Have at least one year of secondary education
  • Are smoke-, drug-, and alcohol-free
  • Are mentally and physically healthy, including proportional height and weight (BMI)


Completing the Egg Donation Process

After acceptance, the donation process entails:

  • A medical screening, psychological evaluation, and fertility testing
  • An attorney review of all legal documentation
  • Stimulation of egg production and synchronization of your cycle with the intended mother or gestational carrier
  • Retrieval of the donated eggs in a 30-minute minimally invasive procedure
  • A follow-up appointment to confirm that your hormone levels have returned to normal and your recovery is complete
  • You may be offered the opportunity to donate more than once


Understanding Egg Donor Compensation

Compensation between $4000 and $10,000 is the norm for New Jersey egg donors. The amount varies due to factors such as age, health, travel requirements, and which egg donor agency you choose.


Your Trusted Solution Is The Donor Solution

Becoming an egg donor or choosing one to provide the solution to infertility is a life-enhancing decision. Working with a trusted agency provides the best possible experience and complete peace of mind throughout the process and in the future.

Sharing the gift of fertility starts with reaching out online or making the call to our experienced team at (713) 827-0301. There is no cost or obligation to find out more about this amazing opportunity, so contact us now!


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