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Egg Donation in Texas

Providing egg donor programs to residents of Dallas, Houston, and other communities throughout the state.


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Texas egg donation programs offer new hope for couples and individuals facing fertility challenges. There are generous young women willing to donate eggs at the height of fertility and loving parents waiting to nurture that gift.

Egg donors from Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth need to connect with intended parents in El Paso, Amarillo, and Lubbock. The Donor Solution brings these individuals together to build strong Texas families.

Here’s how this innovative and trusted network makes miracles happen:

For Texas Intended Parents

Overcoming fertility challenges requires the hope and dedication of the parents-to-be. Selecting the right donor and preparing for a successful pregnancy is an enjoyable experience with our professional and caring egg donor program for intended parents.


Choosing an Egg Donor

With access to our database of qualified donors nearby, including photos, medical history, and interview impressions, we make it easy to find an egg donor in Texas. Our donors have been thoroughly vetted including background checks and psychological evaluations, so you can choose with confidence.


The Parent Process

  • Consultation and donor selection takes place in person, by phone, or via Skype.
  • Cycles are synchronized between the donor and the intended mother or gestational carrier.
  • The egg is retrieved from the donor and sperm is collected from the intended father or sperm donor.
  • The egg is fertilized under ideal laboratory conditions and the resulting embryo is implanted.
  • ¬†After 2 weeks a pregnancy test confirms success, or another attempt can be planned using the same egg donation.


Investment in the Future – What Is the Cost?

The costs for intended parents vary depending on what services are needed and the options chosen. Packages are available to fit a wide array of budgets, starting around $9,140 and ranging up to $15,000.


The Egg Donor Experience

Are you interested in becoming an egg donor? Having a clear understanding of the process and qualifications needed will help you decide if you should become an egg donor in Texas.


Egg Donor Requirements


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There will be a more extensive application process, but you are a good candidate for egg donation if you:

  • Are between age 20 and 28
  • Have at least 1 year of secondary education
  • Are smoke- and drug-free
  • Are mentally and physically healthy, including proportional height and weight (BMI)


The Egg Donor Process

  • Medical screening, psychological evaluation, and fertility testing are performed.
  • An attorney will be provided to review all legal documentation with you.
  • Your cycle is synchronized with the intended mother or gestational carrier, and egg production is stimulated.
  • The donated eggs are retrieved in a 20- to 30-minute minimally invasive procedure.
  • A follow-up appointment will confirm that your hormone levels return to normal and you are fully recovered.


Egg Donor Compensation

Texas egg donors can expect an average compensation of $4,000 to $10,000 for their donation efforts. The exact amount varies due to a variety of factors including age, health, travel expense, and which egg donor agency you choose.


Moving Forward With The Donor Solution

Whether you want to find out more about choosing an egg donor, or become one yourself, time is of the essence. You can take the first step right now by filling out our short contact form or giving us a call at (713) 827-0301. Making dreams a reality starts at The Donor Solution.

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