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Egg Donation in Arizona

Providing egg donor programs to residents of Phoenix, Scottsdale and other communities throughout the state.

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When Arizona families need help to grow, egg donation offers healthy, personally selected genetic material for in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The Donor Solution in Phoenix helps clients from Tucson to Meadview find what they need to bring healthy babies into their lives.


For Arizona Intended Parents

Our egg donor program for intended parents takes approximately three to four months from start to finish. Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial consultation and donor selection: In a meeting with a coordinator, parents browse donor profiles, review the process and fees, and discuss any questions.
  2. Medical testing and preparation: Once a donor is selected, medical treatments and egg retrieval/IVF preparation begin. Both the donor and the recipient (the intended mother or a surrogate) take medications to synchronize their cycles to bolster the likelihood of success.
  3. Retrieval and IVF: The egg is retrieved and fertilized with sperm (from the intended father or a donor) to produce an embryo.
  4. Embryo transfer and pregnancy testing: Doctors transfer the embryo into the uterus of the gestational carrier. After about two weeks, a pregnancy test is administered to confirm success.


Choosing an Egg Donor

The Donor Solution provides photos of donors at various ages, as well as information about their ethnicity, medical history, interests, education, availability, and more. All donors are pre-screened for optimal egg quality so that parents can find an egg donor in Arizona that suits their own preferences.


Arizona Egg Donation Costs

Prices can vary significantly by egg donor agency and geographic location. The Donor Solution in Phoenix, AZ offers three packages with different features to meet the needs of a variety of intended parents. Costs for these packages can range from $9,140 to $38,500.


For Prospective Egg Donors

Arizona women who are interested in becoming an egg donor with us can expect the following:

  1. Interview and screenings: The candidate is interviewed and asked to undergo a strict pre-screening (medical exams, testing, psychological evaluation, etc.) to confirm egg quality and ensure they are a good fit.
  2. Legal processing: When the donor is approved, we provide a free lawyer to evaluate and approve all legal documents.
  3. IVF preparation: The donor starts medication to stimulate egg production and synchronize her cycle with the recipient’s. Additional exams may take place.
  4. Egg retrieval: The egg is retrieved in a minimally invasive 20- to 30-minute procedure at the IVF clinic.


Egg Donor Requirements

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All donor candidates must meet strict criteria to be selected. The following are a few examples of key criteria, but prospective donors are encouraged to read the full list before applying.

  • Age 20-28
  • At least one year of secondary education
  • No smoking, drinking, or drug use
  • Healthy BMI


Compensation for Arizona Egg Donors

Donors are paid once egg retrieval is complete. The amount varies based on factors like location, ethnicity, age, and health, but egg donors usually receive between $4,000 and $10,000 per cycle. Base pay at our agency starts at $4,500-$5,000, to which additional pay may be added.


The Donor Solution Is a Trusted Arizona Egg Donor Agency

If you’re ready to add to your family or become an egg donor in Arizona, you’re in good hands at The Donor Solution. Our team of experts works directly with all parties to ensure a smooth, successful donation experience. To learn more, call us at (713) 827-0301 or contact us online.

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