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Egg Donation in Arkansas

Guiding Arkansas residents through the egg donation process.

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Our Arkansas egg donation program fulfills the dreams of both egg donors and intended parents. The generous gift of egg donation, combined with the latest in fertility science, offers new hope to couples and individuals who are struggling to conceive.

Intended parents who are waiting to cherish that gift in Fort Smith, Bentonville, and Little Rock can connect with qualified egg donors in Fayetteville, Hot Springs, and Jonesboro. The Donor Solution provides the connection.

Here’s how our powerful network makes dreams a reality:


Empowering Intended Parents

This egg donor program for intended parents is comprehensive and individualized to your needs. The process starts with donor selection and provides support throughout pregnancy and delivery.


Choosing Your Egg Donor

The Donor Solution makes it easy to find an egg donor in Arkansas. You can browse our detailed database and view pictures, medical history, and interview impressions to find the perfect fit for your family. All of our qualified donors have passed rigorous screening, including psychological evaluations, a background check, and fertility testing.


The Intended Parent Experience

  • Your initial consultation and selection of your egg donor may take place by phone, in person, or via SKYPE.
  • After selection, the cycles of the egg donor and intended mother or gestational carrier are synchronized.
  • The egg retrieval process and sperm collection from the intended father or sperm donor take place when the donor’s eggs are mature.
  • The egg is fertilized in vitro, and the healthiest embryos are selected and implanted.
  • A pregnancy test confirms success after two weeks. Another attempt may be planned from the same egg donation.


The Intended Parent’s Investment

Prices for the entire procedure range from $9,140 to around $15,000, depending on which services are needed and other optional factors. Egg donation is a surprisingly affordable solution for many parents-to-be.


Empowering Egg Donors

Many healthy women consider becoming an egg donor for a wide variety of reasons. One quality that they all share is the desire to help others experience parenthood. When deciding to become an egg donor in Arkansas, these are the factors to consider:


Meeting The Egg Donor Requirements

An in-depth application process will determine if you qualify to donate your eggs, but you may be a good candidate if you:

  • Are between the ages of 20-28
  • Have at least one year of secondary education
  • Are smoke-, drug-, and alcohol-free
  • Are mentally and physically healthy, including proportional height and weight (BMI)


The Egg Donation Process Includes:

  • A medical exam, psychological evaluation, and fertility testing will confirm you are a healthy candidate.
  • An attorney will review all necessary legal documentation with you to make sure your rights and responsibilities are understood.
  • Your cycle will be synchronized with the intended mother or gestational carrier and your egg production stimulated with hormones.
  • Your donated eggs will be retrieved in a minimally invasive procedure that takes only 20-30 minutes.
  • A follow-up exam will confirm you have completely recovered from the process.
  • You may be offered the opportunity to donate more than once.


Egg Donor Compensation

Normal compensation for Arkansas egg donors varies from around $4,000 to $10,000, depending on some variables, including travel, individual qualifications, and which egg donor agency manages the donation and payment


The Donor Solution Is the Ideal Solution

Whether you are considering becoming an egg donor or choosing egg donation as a solution to infertility, reach out to us. You can contact us online or call our offices at (713) 827-0301. We offer medical expertise and compassionate, understanding support at every step of this life-changing journey.


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