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A different way of finding your egg donor…

Posted on: 16 August, 2019

When I was dreaming up the idea that became The Donor Solution, back in 2007, I knew I wanted to make the process easier, more transparent and a win-win for both the donors and the Intended Parents.  I took the experiences I had from managing two very different Infertility clinics with different philosophies about egg donation, threw in a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, a lot of knowledge about female reproduction and health care and determination to develop a better “widget”!

When I “opened” my virtual doors on August 15, 2007, with a ONE page website, seeking egg donors in Houston, AND a voice mail box for potential donors to leave their name/phone for a call back I had no idea if it would “work” or not.  But, I was determined to offer a different experience than the clinics and and large agencies were offering at that time. 

I ended up finding my first 19 donors by meeting every single one at the local Starbucks and having them fill out a paper(!) application/profile . We had “binders full of women” before the phrase even became famous.

With my first 19 donors, I was ready to go “live” and market to Intended Parents and IVF clinics……..more tomorrow on Day 3 of our ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION!


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