Thank you for your interest in becoming an Egg Donor with The Donor Solution. We realize you may have questions about the process and some of the more common are listed below.

By giving the gift of egg donation, you are helping an infertile couple realize their dreams of having a family.


Who is eligible to become an egg donor?

Healthy women between the ages of 20 and 29 are eligible to apply to The Donor Solution. We select women who are healthy, with a healthy family history, who do not smoke or do illegal drugs and have as a minimum some college or vocational training.

Who needs donor eggs?

Women who need donor eggs (called recipients) are women who have a strong desire to have a child but are unable to produce eggs from her own ovaries. Some women have had cancer and chemotherapy and this has destroyed her ovaries, others had surgical removal and some have eggs that no longer can produce a child.

The donor´s eggs are removed during a minor surgical procedure and then fertilized with the recipients´ partners´ sperm. The resulting embryos are placed into the uterus of the recipient, giving her a chance to become pregnant with a unique, new human being that is her very own biological child!

What is the advantage of donating eggs?

By donating eggs to an infertile couple, you are helping them to create the family of their dreams. It takes an egg, a sperm and a uterus to make one baby, and by donating your eggs, you are helping complete the equation. It takes all the parts to make another human, and your gift is perhaps one of the most meaningful things you can do for another person.

Our couples are so happy to be able to carry their child, experience labor and delivery and nurse their baby. Their despair at their infertility turns to joy when they become pregnant and on the road to parenthood. You are part of the equation that completes this dream.

What is the financial compensation?

You will be compensated for your time and travel. The Donor Solution does not “pay” for eggs. We understand that your appointments, inconvenience of injections and daily bloodtests are difficult. This is the reason you are compensated for your time away from school, work and family during the cycle.

Our compensation ranges from $3500 to $7000. The amount is dependent on several factors including experience as a successful egg donor and donors who are willing to travel outside of Texas for a cycle. Compensation is discussed at your screening visit. All compensation for donors is set by The Donor Solution.

Do you meet the people who receive the eggs?

There are three different programs for egg donors at The Donor Solution. The more traditional is the completely anonymous program where only health history, your genetic history and your physical characteristics are shared with the potential recipients. You remain completely anonymous to the recipients and they will remain anonymous to you.

The other program, which makes our program unique is the identify release program. This is a program where the recipient still receives the information on your health history, your genetic history, your physical characteristics and you and your recipient utilize Genitisafe, to safeguard your identities until any resulting child is 18 years old. This program is completely voluntary and both parties must agree to the identify release program.

The third program is called identity release or the known donor program. In this program the donor and the recipient can decide to meet, facilitated by a staff member of The Donor Solution. Identifying information and exchange of personal information is only available if both parties agree in advance, and sign additional legal paperwork.

What is my first step to donating my eggs?

Making the informed decision to donate eggs is the first step in this rewarding experience.

Filling out the preliminary application which is on line, is your next step. A second application concerning your health history will be sent to you via e-mail as an attachment. It is important to fill out this form as accurately and as quickly as possible. Please send it back via e-mail or you can download, fill out and mail to our offices.

After you have sent in your secondary application, a staff member will contact you to make an appointment for your screening exam. You will come to the office of The Donor Solution for an interview, medical and psychological interview and initial screening bloodwork. At this appointment you will have an opportunity to meet with a Registered Nurse to discuss the medical procedures that you will go through as an egg donor. This appointment last for about 2 hours and we offer flexible scheduling.

When all your tests and interviews are completed, the staff of The Donor Solution will decide if you are able to be accepted into the program.

How long does this take?

Your time is valuable and we offer early morning and even evening and Saturday appointments for the screening exams. We have a 24 hours turn around policy for initial and secondary applications, so you are not waiting to hear if you qualify or not.

From the time you apply to The Donor Solution, till you could be placedd on our list of available donors could be as little as 2 weeks, depending on how fast your initial bloodwork is returned from the lab. During holiday periods, the turn around could be slightly longer.

Why choose The Donor Solution when there are so many agencies doing egg donation?

The Donor Solution is the first and only egg donor agency to have the capability to perform all your pre-screening, cycle monitoring and evaluations in our offices. Most donor will only have to go to the infertility clinic once or twice in their entire cycle.

The Donor Solution is operated by a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of Healthcare Experience, including 10+ years working in the field of infertility and egg donation. Additionally, physicians who specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology are located in our offices and perform donor screening exams.

The Donor Solutions goal is to make your experience of being an egg donor is both rewarding and positive.

The Donor Solution will make your experience of being an egg donor a positive one.

How long does the actual donation cycle take?

From the time you are selected and complete your FDA screening exams prior to the start of the cycle is usually 2-4 weeks. Once you actually begin the fertility medication, it usually takes only 10-14 days.

You will be seen in our offices or the offices of local infertility physicians for your monitoring during the actual cycle every one to two days. These visits will include bloodwork and also a vaginal ultrasound exam to check your ovaries. The actual procedure to remove your eggs is called the retrieval and it will be performed in the surgical suite of your recipient´s infertility physician.

More information on the actual procedure, the medications used in the cycle and the time commitment is part of your screening office visit.

College student

Will being an egg donor hurt my chances of having my own family or have more children?

The first child born from an egg donation cycle was in 1984. Since that time literally thousands of women have donated their eggs to infertile women. From these thousands of cycles we have seen that being an egg donor does not affect your own fertility or decrease your fertility.

Women have over 400,000 eggs at the time of puberty. Normally they only release one egg per month from the time of her first menstrual period till her last, a period of 35 to 40 years. Even in all that time, she would naturally release only 400 to 500 eggs! There are plenty left over to help another women create the family of her dreams.